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We are EcoMondis. We're Irish, we live here, but operate in over fifteen countries around the world. We provide integrated waste management solutions. We make your waste, less wasteful. By simplifying and optimising your entire process. From the inside, with you and your staff. Saving you time and money. And helping you do your bit for the planet too.


Everyone's different.

We've been working in waste management for over four decades. So we know that no two businesses are the same. Every case is different. So every solution is different. We begin by understanding. Your business. Your needs. Then we work with you to build a waste management strategy specific to you.

We begin with an audit.


The important part. We look at what you’re doing today. What you’d like to achieve. And determine how you can achieve it. We aim to bring value, by finding value. Saving time, money and the planet.


On site and on call.


When we say integrated we mean integrated. We become part of your business, not an add on. We’ll train your staff on best practice. We’ll constantly optimise your waste solution.

Compliance completely covered.


We look after compliance requirements from ‘cradle to grave’. We do the documentation. Permits, licenses, insurance, disposal and secure destruction certs. And anything, and everything else, that may arise.


There's an app for that.


We are the most technically advanced waste management company in the country. We can create a dedicated backend portal for your business. With access to, and analysis of, all the data you need. Rebates, reorders, reports, recycling and more. All in one place, 24/7.

You'll be in very good company.

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In 2020 we recovered 98% of all the waste we collected.

Ready when you are.

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We'll save you time and money.
And help you save the planet too.

What have you get to lose?

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